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Healer Michael Riße

I was born in 1967 and as a little boy I came into contact with beings, which occupied my attention greatly. At the age of 18, my perception and consciousness expanded enormously. From that point onwards, my spiritual development has steadily grown.

Up until I reached 30 I had to endure endless challenges. Then, at the age of 30, I began to feel drawn to higher dimensions.
One afternoon I sat at my kitchen table, lost in thought, when I suddenly heard a loud bang. A bird had crashed head-on against the window at high speed. I jumped up and ran to the bird with great concern. The poor animal lay motionless on its side. I could not tell if it was breathing or not. I gently put the bird in my hands. Immediately an incredible feeling of care, warmth and love flowed through me. I was no longer conscious of my surroundings. My only interest was to help the injured animal.
Suddenly it opened its eyes, looked at me for a moment, spread its wings and flew away. For me, a small miracle had happened. After that I started healing people. A year later, after meditating in various locations in southern France, something similar to the incident with the bird happened. This time, though, it was a bumblebee.

I am still on my path as a healer today, and I now work together successfully with medical doctors.


Michael Riße

Healer / Teachings

If you would like to take this healing path but do not yet know what to expect, we will arrive at the point where trust and faith in a deeper form of existence begins. This path can only be mastered with humility. Here you will be put to the test, and I can tell you the path will not be easy.

Inwardly, you will go beyond your previous limits to unimagined spheres. Your mind will finally relax and we will enter the realm of deep trust, where you can consciously perceive more faith in the deepest sense. This will disappear again soon afterwards and be forgotten, because the mind will take over again. But you will have gained a deeper insight and this will give you the strength to continue along this path. Now you will feel whether or not you are truly a God-appointed healer. The will now becomes strong enough because you have expanded your own limits and, believe me, you can be without limits. Your level of consciousness has expanded the space in which you exist.

Everything else is beyond words. Now you feel that the path is truly infinite, in humility, in trust and in faith.



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