Healing hands—energy work to relieve diseases of a physical & mental nature

In all cultures of the world, except in the Western world, certain people are known to have healing hands and are consulted by their followers for various diseases. Only in the Western world healing hands are dismissed and laughed at by scientifically oriented people. But in Germany there are many believers today who rely on the power of healing hands.

The well-known healer Michael Riße is aware of his special gift, which he was allowed to discover through the guidance of angels and other spirits. His spiritual guide is, among others, Jesus Christ, who guides and supports him in the work with his healing hands. That Michael Riße, who was born in 1967, would develop into a healer was already evident in childhood. As he grew up, signs of his destiny and calling intensified as his awareness and perception greatly expanded.

Healing hands are an innate gift

Many people come to Michael Riße with a request to learn the art of healing hands from him as a teacher. But he rejects this, because healing hands are an innate gift for a healer. Therefore, they cannot be learned or acquired. However, a healer will only become aware of this ability once he has gained the relevant experience in his life and is mature enough in the eyes of his spiritual leaders. This includes the knowledge of and feeling for the energy fields of the body.

Healing hands work even from afar

Since the gift of healing hands is based on energy fields, healers and those seeking help do not have to be in the same room. With an expanded consciousness comes the realization that neither time nor space are real, but everything consists only of energy. These energies can be activated over any distance. Based on this principle, healer Michael Riße can also help people who are not physically present. He uses his healing hands and sets the healing energy flow in motion. For each healing he first asks his spirit guide, Jesus Christ, for help, and his unconditional trust in the power of God supports him in his healing work.

Michael Riße is an experienced healer

The moving life story of Michael Riße shows that he was destined from birth to become one of the best healers in Germany. Even as a young boy, he made contact with various beings and thus trained his special perception. From the age of eighteen, with the help of his various spiritual helpers and guides, he gradually increased his consciousness to gain higher awareness. This includes his ability to perceive the energy frequencies in other people.

Contact Michael Riße

If you are in need of the healing hands of Michael Riße, you can contact him by phone or email. He makes his healing hands available to everyone who needs help. Michael Riße attaches great importance to the fact that his services are affordable for all people who want to use them. He takes on even difficult tasks for an affordable fee, as he sees healing hands as a special gift that should be available to everyone. Healing sessions with Michael Riße can be arranged as personal appointments or as remote treatments.

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