Healing prayers for health and better quality of life

Do you suffer from any ailments? Do you want to improve your health, quality of life, happiness and inner harmony? My healing prayers are the solution. As a spiritual healer, I will be by your side with my God-given power and my practical life experience and support you in your search for harmony and recovery. You do not have to travel great distances to meet me, as I can offer you remote healing treatments from a distance. This is also possible for people abroad and for animals. I carry out my remote healing treatments in the monastery, in the monks’ prayer room.

Spiritual healing as an ancient healing method

Spiritual healing is an ancient healing method that works with internal chakras. Everyone has a certain healing power, which is called self-healing. As a healer, I try to activate self-healing, access the chakras, and give my energy through healing prayers. I have treated patients from all over the world. Spiritual healing can also work as a distant or remote healing method, thanks to strong concentration methods. If you would like to receive spiritual healing, it does not matter where you are. In order to perform the healing prayers by phone, all I need is some personal information about you. When performing healing through healing prayers, I focus on you as a person and allow you to feel that you are a unique creature of God. I see it as my task to give you courage, strength and new life energy. It is important for the success of the treatment that you have faith, because you can only regain health with the belief in God. As a spiritual healer, I consider it a special gift to help seriously ill people to renew their vitality and health.

The benefits of distance healing

You do not have to be there with me in person for spiritual healing to take place. Over the phone, you can tell me your date of birth, your health issues, and other important dates about your life so that I can understand your situation and align myself with it as a spiritual healer. Patients often describe that they feel a kind of warmth and security in distance healing. Patients experience noticeable health changes. Some patients are spared surgery. Even medical professionals occasionally ask me for advice and recommend my treatments.

Faith & trust as an important condition for the success of healing prayers

Faith and trust are an important foundation for the success of spiritual healing. Only in humility can we master this path together. You will be put to the test and will venture beyond your previous limits into unimaginable spheres. You will transcend your mind to enter into a realm of deep trust, in which you consciously perceive faith in a deeper sense. You gain a deeper insight that gives you new strength to continue along this path. Your level of consciousness expands the space in which you exist.

My services for you—healing prayers & more

To help you find inner peace and better health, I carry out a soul plan for you. This includes remote treatment to align your soul task. For this remote treatment I need your name, your home address, your date of birth as well as a full body picture and a facial photo. For distance healing I need additional information about your illness. For moderate illnesses, three to five treatments are sufficient, while for serious illnesses, 10 to 15 treatments are required. The balancing of the chakras is included in any healing treatment. Healing prayers are also available as spine treatments, should you suffer from back complaints. Spiritual realignment of the spine works on the energy body and leads to an inner alignment.

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