Healing through the Power of God

With healing comes a wonderful feeling, because you know that with healing, pain and suffering will soon pass. Healing can happen both physically and mentally. Professional healing is only possible with certain skills or knowledge. Healer Michael is a spiritual healer and knows how to heal physical and mental health problems and illnesses. Having been called to his destiny as a spiritual healer through sensitive perception, he is dedicated to healing others through the power of God.

Spiritual healer Michael does not take the power and ability to heal from books, lectures, or learned knowledge from the Internet—healer Michael has recognized that being a spiritual healer is his life’s calling and relies on the power of energy fields to bring about healing.

Above all, the spirit healer offers emotional healing to his clients. With a lot of empathy, mental strength and energy he enables a healing process according to the needs of the individual client. It does not matter whether the client is in the presence of the spirit healer or not. Healing from afar is also possible and effective. The healing offered by spiritual healer Michael is based on inner cognition and feeling.

Healing can mean gaining clarity, perspective and self-confidence. But finding inner silence, strength and freedom also helps to heal. Inner healing means feeling harmony and connectedness and experiencing the breadth and wisdom of the heart.

Healing via remote treatment

Energetic healing can be done very well via remote treatments. In particular, the healing of mental problems such as stress, inner emptiness, a disconcerted mental state, emotional chaos or similar emotional states, is possible by remote treatment. Do not just try to solve your problems by avoiding them, but solve the problem truly and completely through healing. Energetic healing can really help to resolve problems instead of repressing them.

Spirit healers or indigo souls have magical abilities and are able to heal with their energy. The intuition for healing is innate to an Indigo soul or spirit healer like healer Michael. You cannot learn energetic healing. This capability allows even remote treatments to be beneficial. Healer Michael will need some information from his clients for healing via remote treatment. To create a soul plan for his clients, he needs to know the date of birth as well as first name and surname. In addition, two recent images are required for remote healing to be successful. Furthermore, the client’s engagement and involvement are crucial factors in how fast and how effectively the remote treatment will work. Trust and faith are two important forces that positively influence a cure, whether it is through remote treatment or treatment in person.

Remote treatments can also efficiently support a healing process that has already started. Self-healing powers can be activated via remote treatment so that the healing process can progress as quickly as possible. Compassion and love are, so to speak, the prerequisites for successful spiritual and energetic healing in the long term, be it remotely or in person.

If you are interested in energetic healing via remote treatment, do not hesitate to contact faith healer Michael. He will be happy to make sufficient time for you and advise you to the best of his ability.

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