Healing treatments and energy work

As a spirit healer, I have healing hands and do healing and energy work. When I was a child I came into contact with beings that have accompanied me ever since. At the age of 18, I expanded my consciousness and perception further and began treating people through energetic healing. Since then, my spiritual experience has been steadily growing. At the age of 30, I had already experienced many challenges and felt called to higher work. One day, I heard a very loud noise. A bird had bumped against my window. I was worried about the animal lying motionless on its side and at first I could not see if it was still alive. I took the bird in my hand and immediately felt a strong sense of warmth, care and love. I no longer perceived my surroundings and was only interested in helping the sick bird, who suddenly opened his eyes, spread his wings and flew away. Healing hands had performed a miracle with the help of energy work. Since that time, I have been conducting energetic healing and distance healing as a spiritual healer and I have been working with many medical professionals.

Healing Hands—Energy Work & Treatments

I perform spiritual healing for disorders of a physical and emotional nature, such as internal chaos, stress, emptiness and serious illnesses. As part of the energy work and treatments I provide a soul plan, that requires your first and last name, address, date of birth, and two recent photographs.

Energy work and energetic healing are done by healing hands. During the healing treatment you lie on a comfortable couch. You can close your eyes and listen to relaxing music in the background.

As a spiritual healer and Indigo Soul, I can solve problems through energetic healing, healing treatments and energy work. With the help of my treatments you will find out what your task on earth is. Healing hands also free you from possession by dead souls, who will be sent back to the light by the healing treatment.

Skills as a spirit healer

Indigo Souls have magical abilities and are able to perform energetic healing. They consciously network with the spiritual world and find solutions to all problems. Treatments, energy work and energetic healing help you to feel well again in your body.

I have intuition that sometimes leads to clairvoyance. I have a strong feeling of self-worth and express this through healing hands. I also have life wisdom, am affectionate, truthful, authentic, honest and direct. Deep within, I know all the answers to every question and therefore I am successful with energetic healing, energy work and healing treatment. You can take this path with me.

Trust and faith are important to allow healing hands to do their work. You can only master this path with humility. By means of the distance healing treatments, you cross existing limits and move into new spheres and you get to know deep trust. You experience more confidence until the mind regains control. Healing hands give you the strength you need to continue on your path.

After the treatment you will feel that you, too, become a healer, who is appointed by God. You can expand your own limits as your will is strong enough after the experience. Limits become fluid and are dissolved, because your level of consciousness expands the space in which you were until then. All the experiences that go beyond that cannot be described in words. You will feel good, humble, able to trust and believe in a deep power.

I will be happy to advise you on healing hands, energy work, energetic healing and treatments. Contact me—I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Treatments from the spiritual healer

Everyone has self-healing powers, but not everyone knows how to activate them. It is so important to use them, because diseases, whether mental or physical, do not have to exist. I can help you to activate your self-healing powers. Trust my long-distance treatments and you will find yourself getting well again very quickly.

All you have to do is believe and trust. With my healing treatments, you will cross a border that leads you into divine spheres. Only by faith in God is it possible for treatments to be successful. Most people limit themselves out of ignorance. As a result, they not only hinder the healing process but are also partly responsible for the disease itself. But there is no need for this. With my life philosophy, which I want to convey to you, you will learn how your questions will be answered in the depths of your heart. In this way the treatments will lead to the desired success.

It is my job and my vocation at the same time to treat you with compassion and love so that you will be well again. I enjoy working with people and bringing my healing powers closer to them. I can only do that by trusting in God, who guides me daily. I would like to use my gift for your benefit, so that you can be free of pain and illness. If you really want it, then God is always at your side. You just have to believe it and trust in it.

Activating self-healing powers

Just imagine that life patterns have a negative or positive influence on our soul and our body. This directly affects the well-being of your body, but only a few of us recognize this. Did you know, for example, that the cells of our body renew themselves every seven years? How empowering would it be if you could use this knowledge for yourself? With my healing treatments I can help you to understand and use these powers. Everyone is responsible for their own health. With my support it is possible for you to maintain or restore it. Through shared counselling sessions with me, your awareness will be sensitized, so that the healing energy will be transferred to you. This will help you to be more stable and to awaken the self-healing powers that are slumbering in everyone. Also in you.

Once you realise that you have healing powers through my treatments, you will become healthy and stay that way. It always depends on the inner attitude. Trust in God and in oneself are the basic requirements. Tread this path with me and you will reach a completely different level of consciousness. With that, you also expand your self-imposed limits and become free to take new paths.

Use the light of God that is in you too. Every person has a free will and if you trust in God, he will guide you. With my treatments, I show you the way to master any kind of physical, mental or emotional illness. You can trust me, because you are in good hands with me.

Skills as a distance healer

After recognizing my spiritual gift and calling as a spiritual healer, I expanded my awareness and perception through travel and through meditation. The experiences I made and the trust that has been steadily increasing on my path have helped me to come to the conclusion, that I wanted to be a distance healer and that I had the ability to do so. I was ready. Today I am active as a healer and I support, on request of patients, medical professionals in their treatment.

As a distance healer, I focus on mental illnesses. For example, I am available as a healer to clients who consult with me because of issues like excessive job demands, stress, inner emptiness, mental imbalance, etc. Often mental and physical illnesses go hand in hand and have a close causal connection. As a distance healer, I activate the self-healing powers of my clients and thereby significantly enhance the healing process. My job as a distance healer is to strengthen your trust, faith and love of God and to have a positive influence on your well-being through energy work.

The actual “work” is up to you. I help you to recognize your self-healing powers and to use them purposefully, in order to promote your recovery.

Successful distance healer—remotely with energy work & soul plan

If you consult me ​​as a healer, I create a soul plan for you as part of the energy work I do with you as my client. In order to get in contact with your energy, I need important key data, such as your first and last name, your place of residence, your age and current photographs. When I perform distance healing, I break through existing limits and move in divine spheres to strengthen my clients’ trust in God and in themselves with love and compassion, and to activate the self-healing powers through energy work. Through humility and my deep trust in God as well as the spiritual expansion of my consciousness, I am able to give you strength so that you can use your self-healing powers to heal pain and suffering effectively.

Basically, everyone can influence their own health and well-being. Negative influences on our body and our soul cause us to get sick. With a sensitive awareness, trust in the big picture and the guidance of a distance healer you, too, can enhance your self-healing process.

In counselling sessions over the phone, I sensitize your awareness and your perception, so that you can open up and the energy passed on by me can be transmitted to you. In further conversations we will stabilize the already achieved level of consciousness. Thereby your self-healing powers remain active and through this awareness you learn to use your powers effectively.

It is my deepest wish to help you to dissolve your suffering. I see it as my calling to actively help people. It is a pleasure for me to convey compassion and love and to see trust grow.

As a distance healer I can support you throughout Germany and worldwide. Many clients feel more comfortable in their own home and are more relaxed about the treatment. An open mind facilitates energy work and activation of the regenerative powers. I guide you as a healer, together we find your way to health and harmony.

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