Life coaching with Healer Michael

Problems and crises can occur anywhere and affect everyone. Strokes of fate can greatly affect a person’s situation and can sometimes be so severe that one feels too weak to enjoy life again without help.

Healer Michael offers spiritual support in these situations. No matter what the problem is, how heavy the conflict may be or how hopeless the situation seems, with his life coaching skills healer Michael helps you to release temporary tensions, resolve conflicts and cope with stress more easily. Taking up life coaching means choosing a better quality of life.

Emotional stress, conflicts in partnerships, excessive demands in the workplace and everyday stress often lead to discontent and despair. Do not allow yourself to be thrown off-course completely; focus on solving any problems for yourself and regain your courage and confidence.

Trust is a big keyword. Experiencing life coaching with healer Michael means trusting: trusting in him, trusting oneself and trusting in God’s will. Healer Michael gives you new courage and confidence and helps you to bring light into your situation.

Life coaching / spiritual healing

Life coaching is a form of spiritual healing. It should be noted that life coaching with healer Michael also includes balancing the inner chakras.

Anyone who asks for and needs life coaching is probably feeling weak, hopeless and deserted. The self-healing process is blocked and thus the (life) energy is also blocked.

At such moments, healer Michael helps by balancing the chakras of his clients and concentrating energy so that the self-healing powers of the client are reactivated.

Alongside warmth and love, the life coaching sessions give strength, courage, vitality and good health.

Life coaching also available as remote treatment

Life coaching does not only happen in person. It can also happen remotely through strong concentration methods as distant healing.

It is also possible to receive life coaching from healer Michael over the telephone. Healer Michael will need personal information so that he can focus on the person to be treated and can channel his energy over a longer distance.

Life coaching—when does it make sense to consult a spiritual healer?

Consulting a spiritual healer like healer Michael is not only appropriate in case of illnesses and acute crisis situations. It is also suitable for people who have decided to pursue a more spiritual path and change their life.

Life coaching means that the healer helps to build self-confidence and trust and offers advice on how to live with more heart and feeling, how to deal with other people safely, how to develop new ideas, how to start again after a crisis, how to better understand oneself and how to feel good.

Healer Michael offers his services as one who listens, does not judge, understands and activates self-healing powers.

Holistic life coaching

Healer Michael’s approach to life coaching is consultative as well as practical. He works with the chakras to release blocked energy channels and offers spiritual realignment of the spine that serves both the body and inner alignment.

Healer Michael sees it as his mission to offer spiritual help through the power of God.

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