Michael Risse – faith healer from Germany

Michael Riße is one of the few really good spiritual healers in Germany. He offers both remote and local healing. But the Wuppertal-based faith healer is not only found in his local area. He travels all over Germany to spare some of his patients a difficult journey and to meet them where they are.

Michael Riße, describes himself as a healer. He helps with any kind of illness and offers his clients complete safety and trustworthiness. The faith healer from Germany deals with diseases that affect the body, the mind and the soul. With this healer you are in good hands, because Michael does not only have healing hands. With energy work and the laying on of hands he cures the mental and physical diseases of his clients.

Michael Riße is aware of his mission as a faith healer from Germany. Although in Western culture, faith healing is not a recognized profession, he has nonetheless developed his skills and engaged intensively in energetic healing, refining his abilities and increasing his power to heal others. Many people with a variety of illnesses consult the healer from Germany and are grateful for the kind of help that he offers them.

Under the watchful eyes of his spiritual leaders, Michael Riße is following his calling as a faith healer from Germany. He uses his gift effectively in order to help people and reduce suffering.

As a faith healer who is active in Germany, Michael Riße is also able to perform remote treatments through his sense of energy fields. The healer does not even need to be in the same room with his client and yet can direct the right energies into the right channels from afar. Many a flow of energy activated by healer Michael has given his clients relief and healing through remote treatment. As a faith healer, he can perceive energy frequencies even from a distance. This gift allows him to do a lot of good and help people.

The frequencies of healing

Healing power cannot be learned through study, in books, or in any other external manner. This power or gift is given to you by the so-called spiritual leaders. The frequencies of healing exist in the energy field and are a result of internal growth. The German faith healer Michael Riße helps people through his inner strength, his emotional wisdom, through inner cognition and real experience.

Michael Riße describes having this gift as being blessed by a divine touch. Obtaining clarity and trust plays an essential role in his healing method. Finding inner peace, freedom and strength are also prerequisites of his work. Through the experience of holistic harmony and connectedness, he releases frequencies of healing, so that the vastness and wisdom of his heart can prevail.

Michael Riße calls himself a spiritual healer, healer and faith healer from Germany, but these are actually only indefinable terms, because the gift, the knowledge, the ability and the trust come from within.

Michael Riße, the faith healer from Germany, would be happy to provide more information. Please contact him via email: heilermichael@yahoo.de

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