The Spiritual Faith Healer from Germany

Today, many people are aware that the healing of the body is by no means confined to the use of conventional medicine. Spiritual healing is on the rise and more and more people put their trust in the self-healing powers of their own bodies. In this context, Michael Riße has been a well-known faith healer in Germany for many years. As a spiritual healer he also carries out remote spiritual healing at a distance.

The healing possibilities are very diverse in each person

There are many different ailments that the spiritual healer Michael Riße has been able to reduce or even eliminate through his work. Spiritual healing is one of his most important skills as a faith healer in Germany. Skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis as well as internal-organ diseases can be reduced or even eliminated by the abilities of the spiritual healer. Depending on the nature of the disease, it is sometimes even possible to prevent interventions and operations by healing the appropriate organ with the help of the healer.

Treatment can be given remotely

Clients of the faith healer from Germany report again and again that spiritual healing is very effective from long distance. The spiritual healer contacts the person to be healed at an agreed time. The treatment then takes place remotely and the person treated can clearly feel the effects of the healing treatment (for example a feeling of heat that develops at the site of the treatment).

Spiritual realignment of the spine by the faith healer

Spiritual realignment of the spine is an important application associated with distance healing. The faith healer from Germany can carry out spinal realignment without a touch and only through the use of the spirit, and so successfully implement remote spiritual healing here as well. Spiritual realignment of the spine can reduce or even cure many ailments. These include curvature of the spine and specific diseases such as scoliosis or pelvic tilt. Through spiritual realignment of the spine the faith healer from Germany can also heal back pain of any kind. In addition, spiritual healing can improve muscle tension and headache and even migraine. Patients who suffer from spinal disc damage may also experience an improvement in their condition through remote treatment by the spiritual healer. Overall, remote spinal treatment is suitable for treating all musculoskeletal disorders as well as signs of wear and tear associated with the joints. Finally, psychosomatic complaints or allergies of various kinds can be improved by spiritual realignment of the spine performed by the faith healer from Germany.

Engaging with the treatment

With spiritual healing it is not necessary for the patient to go to a practice. The appointment with the healer can take place remotely and treatment can be effectively implemented even over long distances. The patient will be able to reduce his/her medication or stop taking it completely. Operations can also often be prevented by the use of remote healing. There is no age limit for treatment by the faith healer from Germany or for spiritual healing. The healer can apply spiritual realignment of the spine as well as other forms of treatment in people of all ages. Even children can benefit from the treatment and experience an improvement in their symptoms without the need for medication with its various side effects.

Getting in touch about treatment

If you are interested in treatment, you can contact us online. The e-mail address and a contact form on the website of the faith healer offer an easy way to make an appointment (e.g. for a spiritual realignment of the spine). If necessary, the faith healer from Germany is also available by phone. In case of emergency, spiritual healing is also available on Sundays. Based in Wuppertal, the spiritual healer is known far beyond the country’s borders and even beyond Europe in Asia and elsewhere.

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